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Trending Mocktailsmaken

Trendy mocktail flavors

Mocktails have never been more popular. The market is also much more extensive than it was 5 years ago. People are experimenting more and more with bold flavour combinations. Listed below are a few flavours that didn't exist years ago but have recently gained a lot of popularity. 
Razzle Dazzle
This flavour is really reminiscent of summer, warm weather and beautiful moments. With ingredients like raspberry, blackcurrant and violet, it creates a unique taste sensation. Its sweet taste and sour aftertaste charms people with different taste interests. 
Porn Star Martini 0.0
This is a real star among mocktails. This fruity martini mocktail with passion fruit and vanilla has a silky smooth taste that is quite different from the traditional flavours offered on a standard menu. 
Cherry Lavender Mocktail
This non-alcoholic cocktail has the typically sour taste of cherries but a delightfully floral aftertaste of lavender. With a kick of chilli, it feels like you are drinking alcohol. This cocktail is not so seasonal and you can drink it all year round.
Roseberry Mule
Served in the traditional Moscow Mule glass, this mocktail acts like its alcoholic brother. However, the mocktail variant should certainly not be inferior to it. This mocktail is incredibly refreshing with its notes of rosemary, blackcurrant, agave syrup and, of course, ginger-beer.

Nespresso Napoli Bitter Mocktail
The best of both worlds. Get your caffeine boost and enjoy a delicious flavour combination at the same time. With a touch of crodino, some vanilla syrup and 2 nespresso shots and some ice cubes, the flavour is incredibly unique, powerful and above all super delicious.

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