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Trends in de alcoholische markt

Trends in the alcoholic market

The alcohol market is one that -like many other markets- is constantly changing. 
Since the corona crisis there has been a rise in online sales. By using a webshop on top of physical stores, you maximise your reach and it doesn't cost a lot to implement. You reach an entire secondary audience without a lot of effort.
RTD cocktails
Compared to last year, sales of ready-to-drink cocktails experienced a 38 per cent increase in the United States. On the one hand, it relieves the pressure on bartenders' shoulders, but it is also easy for people at home that they do not have to stock 5 different ingredients when they want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail. It can therefore be a very interesting track to consider when thinking about a product that is sure to please the market.
Gin has been on the rise for a very long time, but is now somewhat on a plateau. Tequila, on the other hand, is taking the place of gin somewhat. Partly due to the fact that it is an ingredient of popular cocktails like Tequila Sunrise, Mexican Mule, Margarita & Tequila Tonic. 
Hard Seltzers
They have not been around for long, but are gaining ground at lightning speed. They are aerated water and alcohol-based drinks with a fruit flavour. Their real asset, however, is that they are very low in calories, something that people are placing increasing importance on these days. In America it has been around for a while, but in Europe the market is only now really starting to boom. Are you jumping on this hyper train?
Foodpairing is also very popular. So be sure to mention on your website or in brochures some dishes with which your product goes extremely well. That way, you give people an extra reason to buy your product again, namely to serve it with a tasty dish.
Low alcohol
As mentioned above, there is an increasing interest in healthier products these days. This is especially true among Gen-Z and Millenials. They drink much less alcohol than previous generations and therefore low-alcoholic beverages are on the rise among them. The demand for these products rose 7% globally by 2022.
The trend of eco-friendly products in the beverage sector is growing rapidly. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices and prefer drinks that are sustainably produced and packaged. Beverage producers are responding by using biodegradable packaging, reducing plastic use and using sustainably grown ingredients. Eco-friendly drinks appeal to consumers who value sustainability and conscious consumption. By capitalising on this trend, beverage producers can not only increase their customer base, but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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