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Waarom een relatiegeschenk een heel goede manier is om goede relaties te onderhouden

Why a corporate gift is the ideal way to maintain good relations?

Everyone likes getting presents, that's a fact. In the business world, too, it can therefore be an interesting way to maintain and improve relationships. Because say it yourself, what better to remember than a unique, playful and personal gift? Here we briefly list all the benefits for you.
Name recognition
Your customers will think of you much more quickly if they have received a unique gift from you. Even if the gift is small, it is the gesture that counts. If your company name is mentioned on the gift, they will think of your company every time they use the product. You remember a physical object much better than a standard advertisement you see on the Internet or on the street.
Differentiation from competition
There are few companies that make it clear to their partners that they appreciate them, so if you do this, it will stay in their memory and they will be much more likely to consider working with you in the future.
Gifts are appreciated and appreciation is something that is very difficult to achieve with normal advertising. A customer or employee who appreciates your company will be much more likely to work with you again in the future and will have a positive connotation with your company.
Reasonably cheap
Compared to traditional advertising, it may be slightly more expensive, but advertising in this way is a whole lot more effective and creates real Top-Of-Mind awareness with the recipient. In addition, you can deduct the cost of purchasing a business gift as a professional expense and even the VAT is 100% deductible.

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